In heavy air, buzzing with life
Misty with pollen
Bewildering notes of jasmine
And fragile hints of white orchids
Dizzy my shaken brain

Do the red roses purr softly
As you pluck and trim their fair daughters
Parade them proudly
With their moaning mothers

Or do the daffodils scream
When you uproot and amputate them
Toss them in a porcelain prison
Tied with their shrieking sisters

What of I, a tall snapdragon
On the precipice of wilting
When you finger my uneven blossom
Do I grow as a sunflower
Or cry, as a lily

It is the popular daisy you target
And rip the pure white petals off
My land is infertile
Father, you’ve left my garden bare
Love me,
Love me not.