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-Did you have an intimate friendship with William Weizstein?

We were close, we knew eachother since we were little. He was still a child to me sometimes.

-Do you recall his nature as being violent or aggressive?

No, not at all. Billy wouldn’t hurt anyone. He just wanted to make the world a better place.

-We understand you received a letter from Mr. Weizstein before the explosion?

Yes I did.

-Did he detail his plans?

It was an accident. There were no plans, nothing was on purpose.

-You knew he was working on some theory, correct?


-And did you not think to contact the authorities?

No, of course not, why would I?

-Ms. Dreyfus, do you realize what you could have prevented?

The accident? No, no, that wasn’t a crime. Billy would never hurt someone. He was just trying to make a discovery.

-A discovery that cost us thousands of lives.

No, no, just…it was all science, equations, things I don’t understand. Just please, understand he’s no terrorist.

-Did you love William Weizstein?

What? No, I mean, only as a friend. I didn’t ever…no, not like that.

-But he confided in you.

To a certain extent. I wasn’t his partner in crime, I didn’t know what would happen. I didn’t know!

-Do you miss him?

Yes, yes I do…