Step back and rewind

In the thicket of time

I forget who I was

I recalled who I loved

And lost all my mind


Without remorse

I veered from the course

Of expectation

Romantic relations

With cosmic force

And where do I go?


With a pocket of inspiration

Another cause for an inflammation

Of biblical proportion

And what shall I do?

When my head is on backwards

And I’m stumbling o’er words

A picture in distortion


He sings and I revel

In a voice like the devil

And who is to blame?

The nightime of my eyes

Drowned in your lies

And o-o-o-oh the shame


Watch the circuit break

And taste my own mistake

I lost myself to blue

Dionysian breathing

Memories seething

Chasing after you


And what is the point?

Of this dementia waltz

Giving in to words that ring false

To simplify the game

What do I look for?

Clawing at my neck

What a gorgeous wreck

And I call out your name


My poetry is absurd

Choking on the words

I love how you sound

Living in the fire

The spark’s uninspired

When you’re not around